Burlap Bags (Jute), 7 oz. Size 28" X 18"

  • Burlap Bags 28" x 18" 
  • Features-
  • Heavy-duty burlap bag. The sack race is back! Great for sack races and field day events. Burlap sacks help to develop motor skills and coordination. Great activity fun for students, individuals, schools, or camps.
Other names for burlap bags: sandbags, burlap sacks, potato sack race bags, gunny sack, potato sacks, burlap sack, sack race bags, potato sack, small burlap bags, and burlap potato sacks
    • 7 oz
    • Biodegradable & preferred over polypropylene bags for environmentally concerned cities
    • Great for building flood barriers, erosion control and storing metal parts & hardware
    • Absorbs moisture & allows airflow
    • Burlap sacks last 6 months under direct sunlight- providing flood protection throughout the rainy season 
    • Made from strong jute natural fibers. So it is 100% biodegradable. It is perfect for someone who wants to protect the environment by reducing waste.