MDG Essential - Large Natural Therapy Salt Lamps (2 Pack)


Himalayan Salt Rock lamps have many potential benefits. The lamps have been reported by many to have deep personal benefits in their lifestyle and mood. These benefits include negative ion emission into the air, balancing your home environment. This results in improvements in sleep, mood, and energy levels during the day. The low warm-colored light is relaxing and soothing, helping to improve quality of sleep. The natural stone used in these lamps creates a more efficient lamp, reducing electricity required to run.

Beyond these practical features, the beauty of these salt lamps is truly unique and breathtaking. Each lamp is hand mined resulting in an irregular and distinct shape for each lamp. The rough finish and warm colors add a cozy and warm glow to any room in your home.

The 2-Pack features 2 large salt lamps, weighing 8-11 lbs naturally varying in size.

·     100% Genuine Himalayan Salt

·     Handcarved salt crystal on natural wood base

·     Color: Varies naturally – pink, orange, red

·     Includes dimmer cord with on/off switch

·     Includes 15 watt bulb

·     Multiple benefits: air purification, energy and mood boosting, aids in sleep, energy efficient

·     Dimensions: 6” x 5.75” x 10.5”.